Hello, thank you for coming to this HP.
Please contact us with E-mail. In English conversation in the telephone, it is not good. I guess so.

An easy explanation is done because there are a lot of questions from international student's people.
1.Can you bind Hardcover Book?

2.How long is the delivery date?
About 7days.(Business days)

3.Can you send books to a specified place?
Yes. Please teach us the address in the mailing destination. (This is a pay service.)

4.Can you print out data?
Yes. But the data output accepts only the PDF data that does the font burial. We will refuse other data.

5.Can I pay by credit card?
Sorry. It is not possible to do. Payment pays cash or is a transfer to the designated account.

I must would like you to confirm it.
Is not the layout for submitting instructed? Even if the layout is bound a book disregarding it, it is likely not to be accepted. Please confirm it.
Moreover, the logo and the mark such as universities and the enterprises are sure to have the copyright.
Please consult after taking the copyright holder's permission in those use.

Please send a mail if you have any questions.

Please use this address to send a data of thesis.(Please do not send it to the address above. Please cooperate. Thank you.)

Our location is here